Who is making war on The West?

For the last few years I have noticed that groups like The Red Pill, the Alt-Right and MGTOW have predicted the decline of The West due to some unseen enemy. This enemy seems, like the Hydra, to have many heads. Some see it as feminism, some as global elites, still others claim it to be Islam or even Russia. But even if the monster that is making war on The West itself can’t be seen, the scorched land and poisoned rivers seem apparent. Metaphors aside, all groups are talking about much the same afflictions, namely:

  • A war on Masculinity
  • A move towards Marxism that emanates out of Colleges and Universities
  • The fracturing of family stability
  • Control of the media to push an agenda¬†(although the agenda will change based on your point of view)
  • A pandering to Islam in spite of seemingly obvious reasons to do exactly the opposite.
  • Wanting to control speech, feelings and behaviour.


All groups seem to be reporting the same symptoms but we are without a single, cognitive diagnoses of a definitive illness. So I’m wondering, does anyone have a solid idea of exactly what this monster is? What lurks in the darkness that has us all unfurling our banners, marshaling our armies and preparing for a culture war? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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