Hypergamy, mating preferences and cryptic female choice: A brief summary

Given the following facts about anthropology, we can draw better picture of male/female mating preferences as they would have been before civilisation occurred.

If male humans fought each other for rights to mate with females, our dimorphism would be more like the gorilla (2.5:1). The very low nature of our dimorphism means there was little violence between men to mate with females. This leaves one of two scenarios, a) men didn’t care about sharing mates and so we didn’t fight for them and therefore men mated with whomever they wanted when ever they wanted or b) men were selected by the female.

Scenario a) must be wrong because given there are 5 mothers for every father. If not, it implies that 4 out of 5 men just didn’t care about mating at all. This is very hard to believe. No, if men mated with women whenever they wanted then we wouldn’t find the polygamous 5 mothers for every 1 father stat. It could be that 4 out of 5 males were sick, or impotent etc, but then it is hard to explain how this might have occurred simultaneously across all cultures for thousands of years.

This leaves option b). This option implies that females chose their mates, not the other way around. This fits nicely because it doesn’t require men to fight for their women (which allows for the low dimorphism factor) but it does allow for the 5 mothers/1 father stat if women are hypergamous. (that is to say that, if women only wanted to mate with a male in the top 20% of the species (in term of his attractiveness to her)).

The one last issues to get across is that the 5 mothers/1 father stat could have come about through what is called cryptic female choice (CFC). This means that in certain species where females have no actual choice in whom they mate with, they evolve to have cryptic choice. This means that their reproductive organs change to prevent conception should the female not want to conceive with this particular male, she can make that ‘choice’ internally. It is important to note that it appears human females have never evolved to possess CFC and that this might mean they never needed it as they have actual choice all along.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us with the following deductions about early humans:

  • Women chose their mates from among all men, not the other way around (because we know men aren’t fighting for women, we assume all men wanted to mate and everyone isn’t mating with everyone indiscriminately)
  • Women chose only the best mates and approximately 20% of males were considered worthy (hence the 5 months/1 father stat)
  • Males must compete with each other if they wish to mate.

This last deduction is extremely important if you wish to understand male happiness in the liberal society and forms the basis for a lot of The Red Pill philosophy that exists.

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