Gillian Triggs got a Free Speech Award and I can’t believe it

For those who don’t know, the Human Rights Commission President in Australian at present is Gillian Triggs. Ms Triggs has done a great many things in her life but the three that I wish to focus upon are the following:

a) Ms Gillian Triggs is quoted as saying in a fundraising event for the Greens Party “There has never been a more important time to stand up for laws which prohibit racial abuse in the public arena. Sadly, you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home.”

Did you get that, “Sadly, you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home.” The significance of this cannot be understated. The actual Human Rights Commission President doesn’t think we should be free to speak our own minds around our own kitchen table. Look, I’m not saying we are facing the end of days, but I think we should start preparing for it.

b) Ms Gillian Triggs used her position to investigate 2 university students for racial discrimination after they wrote the following respective posts on their facebook pages “Just got kicked out of the unsigned indigenous computer room. QUT (is) stopping segregation with segregation,” and “I wonder where the white ­supremacist computer lab is.” Full story.

c) Ms Gillian Triggs used her position to investigate Satirical Cartoonist Bill Leak for his controversial cartoon in popular Australian newspaper. Full Story

And yet she has just received a Free Speech Award. It is unbelievable. We must all be on our guard from here on in. The Double Speak and Correct Think is on all sides of us now. Good luck everyone.

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