1.5 Freedom from traditions, fashions and customs in society

What happens when ideas and opinions become entrenched customs, traditions or fashions?

Do you think that you can choose to follow a fashion or custom? Or are you kept from having an unbiased outlook on life through sheer force of main stream media. Consider a young girl (maybe your sister, niece or daughter) who grows up watching TV where all the ‘good’ women are white, thin and blonde with big eyes and small noses. They look just like all her dolls and just like all the women on magazine covers. Can she be said to freely choose what her aesthetic vision of a good woman is or is it forced upon her? Do you think you exist in a world where we can freely choose to be free from mainstream media’s overload of bias? How much of what you are is your own choice, and how much was sold to you by mainstream media? Under these conditions it is not hard to understand why overweight, green haired feminists are trying to challenge what a ‘good’ woman looks like.

I believe that customs and traditions must be challenged from time to time. I say that those people who do challenge the norm do society a service. I say that they risk much swimming against the stream of societal norms and that they are of value for doing so. It is because we have those who go against the grain that we can observe that the grain can be gone against and prove that we can deviate if we want. We can also observe that happiness can be achieved in being ‘not the norm’. A freeman should challenge the norm. A freeman should allow others to challenge traditions, customs and fashions. To challenge the norm is good.

When we as freemen live, do we ask ourselves “What makes me happy?” or do we say “What should a person like me do?”. There is a big difference between the two statements. Let us assume that men play football more than they dance at ballet. Is that because we’ve tried ballet and found that it doesn’t make us as happy as football? Or because we don’t see ballet as something a man should do? Do we truly explore that which might make us happy? Or do we conform to what society expects of us? I think we as men are corralled into a narrow definition of what we can be. We should widen our minds to new possibilities and in doing so live more active and diverse lives. Will we be happier as stay at home dads? Is society cutting us off from happiness by limiting us to these options? Feminism might not want to admit it, but many women need us to work long hours in jobs we don’t like to provide for them. It makes us unhappy. Let us challenge this tradition. Why is it the responsibility of the man to buy the house and study the degree that will produce employment rather than the one that might be of personal interest to him? It might have been the case 100 years ago that doing exactly what your father and grandfather did was a good recipe for a happy life. But these days if you do what your father did the world will not be kind to you. It changed and so must we. We must re-explore what it means to be a freeman. To fail to do means we might be left behind. If after challenging our role we chose to remain as freemen in the traditional sense, that’s fine. But by exploring both options, we remove doubt and create conviction. Let us not be the product of mere tradition, let us choose what we will be. A traditional man is strong when he is that way because of a choice, not just because of tradition itself. As a footnote, I have no doubt that what we will end up choosing is something that looks a lot like the traditional society, but my point is that it is crucial that we choose that life, not just carry on what our fathers did because of sheer inertia.

Freedom from elites

What about freedom from those special people who know how the populace can be controlled by customs, traditions and fashions. Are you fearful that those that control fashion and customs may misuse those powers to herd us like cattle? Can religious leaders use terminology to label a section of the community ‘bad’ without coming out and saying it? Have you ever noticed someone omitting a certain race or belief from a public statement? This is a way of marginalizing them.

Feminism often purports vague statistics like “1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted” when the true form of that statistic would be “1 in 4 women allege that they have been sexually assaulted”. Sometimes it takes solid statistics like “women earn only 77 percent of what men earn per hour worked and with the same level of education (ie both obtaining a Bachelor degree)” but forms incorrect conclusions, such as the reason is because of discrimination based on gender even though the Bachelor Degrees chosen by women are often chosen for reasons other than their high income earning potential. Both these fallacies are usually accompanied by the deployment of a “I’m a victim, please save me” attitude. Is it right that leaders of movements can deal in untruths to bring about liberty restricting mechanisms like quota systems?

As I’ve stated before, feminism is at perfect liberty to hold any opinion it wants and to speak them. The defense we require is not in limiting feminism and SJW’s from speaking, but in being strong enough to see the lies. The defense we requires in not strict adherence to tradition, but in using rigorous critical thinking in making our next choice. Freemen must be ready to save themselves. To require others not to speak so you may be free is weak and only empowers our enemies. To do something only because it is traditional requires only a small amount of deception on the part of the forces of evil and men will be doing something because they think it is traditional, but really they are doing something that serves their enemies. That the is power of deception and it can be deployed against tradition too.

Are you prepared to fight powerful people if they are corrupted by power? And how do we fight leaders who would ambush us with falsehoods and propaganda? Do you know how to use the truth and to see through lies? Freedom does not come wrapped like a gift, it must be won. Reason, skepticism, rigor and critical thinking are the weapons of choice. Can you use reason to see through the tyranny of control through custom, fashion and tradition and find your way to truth?

To come back to the running question, perhaps this is why women remain unhappy given they have legal liberty? Maybe they are besieged by customs and traditions. Surely this has some merit to it. For years women were the subject of traditions and customs that decree what a good woman is. Maybe the last 100 years of feminism has torn down all those customs, but they did exist for a long time. I believe that, of late, ordinary women have become the subject of modern fashions regardless. It is possible that the unhappiness stems from the pressures of mimicking the ideal of the perfect, feminist, women. In the last 5 years, victim hood seems to be the latest fashion. Like us, they must use reason to see through the control and freedom to know themselves.

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