Ivy Leaguers uncomfortable with republicans

I follow Independent Man on Youtube and watched this recent video on a survey out of Dartmouth College of his and found it interesting. (I will be focusing on the first part only).

Students at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire were recently the subject of a study on their levels of comfort when confronted with the idea of having to share a dorm with a Republican. The findings are below:

Dartmouth Survey

The punchline is that almost half of all Dartmouth students surveyed who support the democrats would be uncomfortable living with someone based on their support for the political party that currently control Congress, the Senate and the White House. You can find the original article here.

I find this very interesting for reasons other than the ones stated in IM’s video. Let me ask you a question. If you wanted to control the USA (and therefore the world) how do you do it? Now, let me give you an answer.

You take half the 20 somethings (still impressionable but adults all the same) and make mean, tough, enduring, common sense people out of them. The kind of people who don’t take offense at slights, can use strong, meaningful language to make their point, can critically think their way through things, approach situation with an open mind and then work hard for decades, within a forever changing political landscape, to achieve power. Lets call this group, The Republicans. Next, you take the other half and make fragile, delicate snowflakes out of them. The kind of people who have no recourse but to shriek and retreat to safe spaces when confronted with strong, meaningful language. The kind of people that can only think idealistically about Utopian social systems but have no means to implement them. The kind of people that approach every situation as though sexism, racism, Islamophobia etc preexists everywhere, its just a matter of finding (or manufacturing) it. Finally, just to drive home the dagger, make this second group of people anti-freedom of speech. Let call this ground The Democrats. Then, you control the Republicans.

I ask myself, who really benefits from this process? The Republicans do. That the lefty students are getting what they want does mean they benefit from it long term. I can’t see how this girl will be fit and battle ready when she leaves college and this is directly a results of left wing tendencies. It seems to me a grassroots corruption of the life capabilities of half the population of The West based on their political leanings.

What do you think?

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